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Used in many banks in the country with the appropriate payment terms and lower interest rates on loans for clients who want to serve the appropriate vehicle to get auto loans. In order to obtain these loans, the conditions set by the bank must be met and the loan to be used especially for second-hand vehicle loans must be calculated according to vehicle characteristics and vehicle age.

The total amount of loans given by banks for second-hand vehicles is determined by the age of the vehicle to be purchased. The question of how old is the loan of used car loansis therefore very important. vehicle loans from many banks providing services in the country it is possible to demand. You can find out what age limits are in second-hand vehicles by going directly to the banks or visiting the corporate websites of the banks before buying a second hand vehicle.

What Are The Conditions Of Used Car Loans

What Are The Conditions Of Used Car Loans

Every bank that gives loans for second-hand and new vehicles usually requires the same conditions. Only certain special conditions vary in vehicle loans. Especially for the used cars, the age of the vehicle and the total amount of loans to be extended are determined differently in each bank. What are the general conditions sought in people with low second hand car loan;

  • Being over the age of 18
  • Prove income status
  • Providing credit conditions (age requirement in used vehicles, etc.)
  • Apply for a loan

It is determined as the general conditions that banks are looking for to buy second hand car loans. In addition to these conditions, loans are given by age in second-hand vehicles.

It gives second hand car loan. You can use the fast loan application methods of the banks for the second hand car loan application or you can make your transactions directly from the bank branches. It is strongly recommended that you calculate the vehicle value and the amount of credit to be given by the bank before taking a vehicle loan.

How to Get a Used Car Loan?

How to Get a Used Car Loan?

There are many different methods for banks to get second hand and zero km car loans. Especially thanks to the developing banking infrastructure recently, online loan applications and SMS loan application methods provide great convenience to citizens. To request a second hand car loan from the banks;

  • Retail internet banking
  • Fast pre-application by SMS
  • Mobile banking and
  • Bank branches

It may be used. Quick application methods are a pre-application for all loan types. For this reason, after the applications made by SMS or over the internet are approved, the current applications must be made from the bank branches. After finding the most suitable cat for you among the banks that offer second hand car loans, you can request a loan.

Used Car Loan Calculator

Used Car Loan Calculator

The most important factor to be considered in vehicle loan calculation methods; is the invoice value of the vehicles. The current value of many banks in the country gives support means a certain percentage rate of the loan. For this reason, in zero km vehicles;

  • Total value of the vehicle
  • Monthly interest rates
  • Term options

It must be learned. Similarly, the age of the vehicle must be taken into consideration for used cars. For second hand vehicles;

  • Vehicle value and vehicle age
  • Maturity and interest options

It should definitely be taken into account in the calculation of second-hand car loan. In order to meet all the conditions determined by the bank in car loans, please request detailed information from the bank before taking out a loan.

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